Brooks Ghost 12 Review

The Ghost 12 is a great all-around trail runner that will provide excellent cushioning and support. It is designed to be lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for longer distances. The tread pattern is also very forgiving on rough terrain and allows you to run comfortably while maintaining traction. The sole design is extremely durable and should hold up well even after many miles of wear. Overall, the Brooks Ghost 12 Trail Running Shoe is a must-have for any runner looking to step out onto the trails!

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    The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a 30-minute, continuous walk each hour to help prevent health issues. Shoes are one of the most important pieces to provide support throughout such a long shift and to give your feet the comfort and stability needed for extended standing.

    Standing all day long during your work doesn’t have to be difficult. This article may not just provide you with the Brooks Ghost 12 Review but also provides you with info on what to do to alleviate pain and fatigue when at work, as well as how there are other hazards that can come from having these types of shoes on.

    Brooks Ghost 12 Facts & Specs

    Weight:Men 295g / Women 264g
    Arch support: Neutral
    Update:Brooks Ghost 14
    Forefoot height:19mm
    Heel height:31mm
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    How should I choose the best comfortable shoes for standing all day?

    Shoes should be broken in slowly over time so as to avoid discomfort or blisters. You should always check out the soles of new shoes for wear and tear. Orthotics are helpful for people with flat feet and other foot problems. The right shoes are important for standing all day.

    • Do you know how long the breaking period for shoes is and how to break them in?
    • Did you even know that there is a break-in period?
    • Do you know how to inspect shoes properly to analyze how supportive the shoes are for your feet? Can the shoe accommodate an orthotic?
    • What shoes can help with your pronation, or supination?
    • Do you know how to select the proper width and shoe size for your foot?
    • Do you know how to get the best fit for your arch setting?

    When buying new shoes, always make sure that you buy them according to comfort. Comfort is very important. You need to be careful about what type of shoes you are wearing because if you wear them wrong, they might cause pain or discomfort. To know whether a pair of shoes will give you pain or discomfort, try putting the shoes on first before you step into them. Then see whether they fit right. If they do not fit right, then change them. Do not wear a shoe that does not fit right.

    Why are my current shoes so uncomfortable and what should I look for in new shoes?

    Your most comfortable shoes are those without built-in support. Built-in support provides stability but does not give you any additional comfort.

    1. A shoe without arch support is painful when walking or exercising.
    2. When you put weight on your foot, there is nothing to hold it up. You need something to give you support
    3. Next, check to see if it is possible to remove the inner sole. Once it is out, check to see if the foot bedding is flat and flimsy. More than likely, this is a generic footbed without any arch support. If the shoe does not allow the removal of the foot bedding, then it will be hard to accommodate an orthotic.

    What is the difference between Brooks Ghost 12 and 13?

    What is the difference between Brooks Ghost 12 and 13?
    What is the difference between Brooks Ghost 12 and 13?

    Comparing Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13 side by side reveals a few significant differences, but many of the fundamental components remain the same.

    The designed mesh uppers on both versions are fairly similar. From the 12 to the 13, the designs and patterns varied slightly, but Fleet Feet testers found no performance differences between the two.

    The outsoles are quite identical, and the lacing technique is still the same (six regular eyelets with a seventh empty eyelet at the top). Although Brooks altered the rubber’s traction pattern, the material’s general shape and coverage remained unchanged.

    The enlarged DNA Loft foam in the midsole is the main alteration for this year. The softer DNA Loft was primarily restricted to the heel of the Ghost 12 and very slightly extended into the midfoot. The model for this year moves that extend deeper into the forefoot.

    The Brooks Ghost 13 thus feels slightly softer throughout the entire transition. Mile after mile, you can rely on it to be a very comfortable, very functional everyday running shoe.

    Tech comparisonBrooks Ghost 12Brooks Ghost 13




    9.3 oz (W), 10.4 oz (M)

    12 mm


    DNA Loft, BioMoGo DNA

    Engineered mesh
    8.8 oz (W), 10.1 oz (M)

    11.5 mm


    DNA Loft, BioMoGo DNA

    Engineered mesh

    What is Ghost 12 best for?

    The Brooks Ghost is the most basic shoe in the world. The Ghost is popular among runners who are looking for a reliable type of shoe. These runners prefer not to take risks by buying different running shoes each year.

    It’s a popular recommendation for beginner runners because it’s a safer option. It’s not too soft nor too firm and is comfortable for any foot type. For a neutral shoe, it’s remarkably stable.

    There’s a popular saying that goes, the more things change, the harder they stay the same. The Ghost 12 features a new type of upper, midsole, and outsole, but it still feels the same to ride.


    • Exceptionally comfortable
    • Excellent cushioning
    • Breathable
    • Roomy toe box
    • Secure fit
    • Smooth ride
    • Perfect right out of the box
    • True to size
    • Great traction
    • Extremely durable (700+ miles)


    • Not so modern looks

    Brooks Ghost 12 First Impressions

    The Ghost 12 feels luxurious and fluffy. It uses less puffy material than the Ghost 13 to provide an improved shoe design. The first run I took with Ghost, an 11 km easy run, was as smooth and consistent as you could hope for.

    This shoe has a huge following among those who love the feel of a cushioned heel strike. My favorite version of this shoe is the Brooks PureFlow 11.5, which is still available today. But if you’re looking for something a bit lighter, check out the Brooks Ghost 12.

    I was greeted by the feeling that the bamboo is exceptionally soft and that the padding on the inside provides a great level of comfort. Despite the fact that they required no break-in, I enjoyed the smooth landing and the responsive cushioning from the first stride.

    Outsole gets more aggressive in Ghost 12

    brooks-ghost-12 sole
    brooks-12 sole

    The midfoot area of Ghost 12 is similar to the previous version of Ghost. However, there are several key differences in the upper section of the shoe. The toe box size remains the same, but the heel cup shape has changed significantly.

    The heel cup incorporates a wider band of perforations that extends around the perimeter of the shoe, allowing for increased breathability. A full-length air mesh panel runs along the sides of the shoe, providing additional comfort and ventilation. Additional details include a slightly thicker forefoot collar, an additional toe box seam, and a long tongue.

    I never thought I’d wear a shoe like this again. The Ride Sock combines a cushioned arch support with a unique waffle pattern that provides stability and breathability. The sock also offers added comfort with its dual-density foam construction. You can run longer distances, even at higher paces, because the Ride Socks provide all the cushioning you need.

    The outsole example of the shoe contrasts somewhat from the Ghost 11, however, the primary parts continue as before. Exceptionally strong blown elastic covers practically the whole outsole (adding to the weight) for the greatest grasp.

    The strength of the outsole makes this shoe a more temperate choice than other shoes within the same cost run. The forefoot outsole is comprised of a fragmented Crash-Pad framework that gives stun retention and a smooth toe-off with each walk. These shoes feel particularly incredible on tired legs.

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    Amazing upper comfort of Brooks Ghost 12 

    brooks ghost 12 upper
    brooks ghost 12 upper

    The minimal Brooks 12 upper delivers an impeccable sock-like fit with each step. Someone noted that it’s a shame that 3D printing cannot be used to print adhesives onto nylon mesh rather than stitching and glue.

    The underside of the shoe sprayed me with tiny flecks of polyurethane while riding the shuttle. My feet as previously stated could feel the mask becoming roughy stiflex club. Shoes beginning to kill me. My feet beginning to ache.

    his shoe provides a great fit with a comfortable design. I can wear them all day long without any discomfort. The heel counter is made of a textured material that keeps my foot secure while running. I’ve had zero issues with blisters or heel slippage.

    Not light but spot-on for its category

    The Brooks Ghost 12 is listed at 10.4oz/295g, which is a little lighter than its predecessor (309g).

    As an everyday cushioned shoe, this is comparable to similar shoes from other manufacturers and in fact, matches the New Balance 1080 v9, which is listed at an identical 295g.

    As expected, my UK 13 (14.0 US) shoe weighed in heavier at 362g, compared to the Ghost 11 at 369g. I don’t have a picture of the shoe sitting on a weighing scale, so please take my word for it.

    I’ve come to anticipate a premium padded shoe to come in some place around the 300g/10.5oz stamp in terms of weight. I’m searching for a shoe that gives consolation, and as long as it doesn’t feel overwhelming while running, I’m cheerful with that kind of weight. The Phantom 12 fits the charge.

    Perfect fit out of the box

     like the Ghost 12 because I feel like I could walk all day in them. My feet didn’t get tired and my legs were never sore. The Ghost 12’s fit is very similar to the Ghost 11, except the forefoot padding is slightly bigger. The heel pad sits lower and farther back, which helps keep my heel planted when walking around,

    In the UK, the standard sizing system is called the British Standard Shoe Size System. There are 12 different sizes, ranging from 3½ – to 15½. These sizes correspond to the width of your foot, not the length. If you measure your feet at the widest point, then you should get a shoe size of around 10.5. However, if you want to buy a pair of trainers, you may need to buy a half size larger than you normally would,

    I love the feeling of the 12s when I first put them on. They feel like a dream come true. There is no need for breaking the shoe into shape.

    The sole of the shoe is made of synthetic leather, which provides traction and grip. There is also an internal sock liner for added comfort. The midsole is made of EVA foam, which absorbs shock and reduces impact forces. The rubber outsole is durable and provides traction.

    The tongue helps distribute pressure evenly across the top of the shoe while keeping your feet comfortable. Mesh is an innovative material that allows for breathability and flexibility. Lace eyelets close the shoe with pressure evenly distributed across the top of the sole.

    Comparing Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13 side by side reveals a few significant differences, but many of the fundamental components remain the same.

    The designed mesh uppers on both versions are fairly similar. From the 12 to the 13, the designs and patterns varied slightly, but Fleet Feet testers found no performance differences between the two.

    The outsoles are quite identical, and the lacing technique is still the same (six regular eyelets with a seventh empty eyelet at the top). Although Brooks altered the rubber’s traction pattern, the material’s general shape and coverage remained unchanged.

    The Brooks Ghost 12 is an excellent running shoe. It provides a comfortable fit and a stable platform for your foot. The sole is designed to provide a smooth transition through the gait cycle, If you are looking for a neutral shoe, then this is your best bet. If you like to run long distances, then the Ghost 12 is definitely worth considering.

    Are Brooks Ghost 12 good for high arches?

    The neutral runner who has a medium to high arch and doesn’t require a lot of support on the inside of the foot should wear the Brooks 12 or 13. For people with high arches and Plantar Fasciitis, these are among the best running shoes.

    The outsole gets more aggressive in Ghost 12

    The outsole of the Ghost 12 is very similar to the Inov-8 Teraultra, which is a great running shoe. The lugs on the Ghost 12 mean that you can run on any surface. You can also wear them on the street if you want to. It’ll handle hard-packed trails with ease, and I’m cheerful to wear it for a run of off-road running. Once it gets specialized or sloppy, in any case, take off the Apparition at domestic and take the path shoes! On the street, the Apparition 12 offers fabulous footing in both damp and dry.

    Is Brooks Ghost 12 high durable?

    Brooks runs a durable carbon rubber under their rear landing zone and their normal blown rubber for the rest. Based on experience, both Ghost 11 & 12 were the most durable road shoes I’ve ever worn. I ran them for over 700 miles before retiring them into the roles of decorating shoes and garden shoes, respectively.

    I have never had a pair of shoes that lasted longer than two years. So when I got my first pair of Brooks Ghost 12s, I was skeptical. But after wearing them for almost three months, I think they are going to outlast any other pair of sneakers I own.

    Performance shoe that feels like a slipper

    The way I judge a shoe’s performance will always be influenced by my personal characteristics. Currently, I run approximately 50-60 miles a week, I am 48, around 6’2″ (195 lbs), and weigh about 89kg (195 lbs). As long as my training goes well, I should run a road marathon under 3:15 minutes and a 5k under 19 minutes.

    After running in the Ghost 10 and the Ghost 11, I expected to enjoy running in the Ghost 12. But Brooks didn’t make any significant changes to the Ghost 12. In advance of the cliché, I apologize, but slipping on the Brooks Ghost 12 is like slipping on a favorite slipper at the end of the day.

    The foot is comfortably held, and there is enough room for movement as needed. I’ve never had the hint of a blister or hotspot on any part of the foot. There’s no doubt that The Ghost 12 will accompany you on pretty much any run (and a few more).

    The shoe provides a smooth and comfortable ride, providing excellent cushioning through the landing phase and a quick transition into take-off. During the transition, you don’t feel like you’re sinking into foam and wallowing in it, just fluid movement with each stride.

    Running impacts are sufficiently absorbed by the cushioning under my feet, but not to the point where it seems like I’m walking on concrete. With each step, you can feel the ground adequately, but there isn’t the pounding sensation you may get with a harder or thinner midsole. The fact that I feel the same at the beginning and conclusion of the long run is what matters most to me.

    I’ve thoroughly loved wearing this shoe while doing everything from simple runs to tempo runs to track workouts. Although I have several shoes in my rotation that perform better for faster sessions, none will take better care of my feet than the Ghost 12.

    So who is the Brooks Ghost for?

    It would be difficult for me to suggest a better shoe for people looking for a single pair to use for all of their road running (based on my own experience). The Ghost will give you a balance between responsive cushioning and durability that will outlast most shoes.

    Some seasoned runners dismiss the Ghost as a “beginners’ shoe,” looking down their noses at it. That is something I vehemently dispute.

    The Ghost 12 has a place even for runners who have a selection of shoes for each type of run. Even if you decide to use the Ghost only for these sessions, I’m confident you won’t regret it. I frequently hear it said that 80% of our runs should be “easy.”

    Just to be clear, Brooks neither paid me nor gave me these shoes; I should just say that.

    I’m just expressing my own view that I haven’t yet discovered a running shoe that I look forward to donning as much as the Brooks Ghost. I’m happy to see that the Ghost 12 hasn’t seen too many alterations and am eager to put the upcoming 600+ miles on them.

    Brooks Ghost 12 – Conclusions

    I was lacking a crucial gear in my collection of running shoes—the Brooks Ghost 12. I’ve struggled with Achilles and flexor-longus discomfort for the past two years, but when I run in the Brooks Ghost on my easy to moderate mileage days, I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in lowering tension on these tendons.

    These particular tendons are subjected to less dorsiflexion and stretching thanks to the high stack height, which also allows for maximum shock absorption. I still use my low-drop, lightweight trainers and flats for training and racing, but I’m happy to have the Ghost 12 on hand for those times when I need to rest my legs and feet. With a cushioned neutral ride and a seamless transition, the most recent Ghost shoe is every bit as stunning as the previous model.
    The Brooks Ghost 12 will be the only road shoe for a sizable portion of runners.

    This shoe’s more aggressive outsole gives it the versatility to be worn on more types of trails than the typical road shoe. This is a terrific addition to Ghost’s track record of amazing longevity and great value.

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